Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Happy Anniversary!

Happy two year anniversary to me! Two years ago today, I was baptized into Christ’s Church at St. John’s Episcopal Church in  Alma, MI.
That day was an absolutely amazing  day filled with many friends and family, and at that time, one of the most powerful experiences of God’s love I have ever felt. Now, two years later, I am even more struck by God’s love.  
(My friends who have supported me throughout my faith journey!)
Lately, I have been really struck by the fact that I am living in South Africa. I know I should have probably realized this 4ish months ago, but you know life and things are happening. The great presence of God’s love has been from the amazing people I have met. I have become friends with many beautiful souls in my time in South Africa. Makhulos who give anything to the many children they watch, the strength of the schools social worker and the school counselor to the horrific stories they hear, and most importantly the wisdom of the little people  I watch.  They really are wise little people.  Near the end of last year, I was driving a grade 3 home to a farm about 30kms away.  Her name is Pheliswa.  

On our daily drive down the dirt road, we talked about many things.  One day I thought I would ask her is she was scared leaving Holy Cross next year and going to a new big school.  Having changed many schools in life,  I thought I could shed some light on changing schools.  She told me, “of course I am nervous Bhuti, who wouldn't be. But changing is life.”  I was so profoundly struck by the wisdom of this little girl.     

I have loved the journey my faith has taken me on in South Africa. It is really crazy how  quickly my faith has taken me to the ends of the earth !

(Literally( I cannot go any farther south in Africa)). 

 I can see God’s work in the world first hand. It is really interesting the things that can happen if you give up your plans for your life and let God control it.  I never planned on going to Africa, but  I am so happy I did.  

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  1. Well done Ryan. You are such a great person and I know they are loving you there! I miss you and do so hope to see you before we go back, but if not, we'll be together at some point! Keep up the good work and God Bless You! Love the pictures!